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Junction 6 M56 Motorway map Junction 6 M56 Motorway map

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1. Manchester Airport Marriott Hotel Manchester Airport Marriott HotelManchester42150.1£69.00
2. Holiday Inn Express Manchester Airport Holiday Inn Express Manchester AirportManchester32010.2£59.00
3. Premier Inn Manchester Airport Runger Lane North Premier Inn Manchester Airport Runger Lane NorthManchester31660.2£69.00
4. Premier Inn Manchester Airport Runger Lane South Premier Inn Manchester Airport Runger Lane SouthManchester31950.2£66.00
5. Radisson Blu Manchester Airport Radisson Blu Manchester AirportManchester43600.9£82.80
6. Etrop Grange Hotel Etrop Grange HotelManchester4641.1£58.50
7. Hilton Manchester Airport Hotel Hilton Manchester Airport HotelHale, Manchester42281.1£66.33
8. Crowne Plaza Manchester Airport Crowne Plaza Manchester AirportManchester42941.2£75.00
9. Halliwell House Halliwell HouseHale051.4£205.00
10. Rylands Farm Guest House Rylands Farm Guest HouseWilmslow3111.7£49.50
11. Premier Inn Manchester Airport (Heald Green) Premier Inn Manchester Airport (Heald Green)Stockport3672.5£61.00
12. Birtles Farm Bed and Breakfast Birtles Farm Bed and BreakfastAltrincham032.5£38.00
13. All Seasons Guest House All Seasons Guest HouseManchester352.6£42.00
14. Pymgate Lodge Airport Hotel Pymgate Lodge Airport HotelCheshire2102.7£40.00
15. The Barrington Hotel The Barrington HotelAltrincham0122.8£39.00
16. Premier Inn Manchester (Wilmslow) Premier Inn Manchester (Wilmslow)Manchester3372.9£53.00
17. Premier Inn Manchester Altrincham Premier Inn Manchester AltrinchamAltrincham3433.1£58.00
18. Stanneylands Hotel Stanneylands HotelWilmslow, Manchester4563.2£70.00
19. Hallmark Hotel Manchester Hallmark Hotel ManchesterHandforth4883.3£55.20
20. The Handforth Lodge The Handforth LodgeWilmslow0123.4
21. Premier Inn Manchester (Cheadle) Premier Inn Manchester (Cheadle)Stockport3653.4£64.00
22. Lawdon Court Lawdon CourtManchester423.5£75.00
23. Premier Inn Manchester (Handforth) Premier Inn Manchester (Handforth)Handforth3353.6£56.00
24. Rectory Cottage Rectory CottageManchester013.6
25. Altrincham Lodge Altrincham LodgeManchester3483.7£40.00

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Wilmslow, Hale, Macclesfield


Where is Junction 6 M56 Motorway and whats nearest to it:
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Manchester Airport train station Manchester Airport (1.0 miles)
WA15 Warrington, Cheshire, North West England WA15 Warrington, Cheshire, North West England (1.3 miles)
Junction 4 M56 Motorway Junction 4 M56 Motorway (1.7 miles)
Ashley train station Ashley (1.9 miles)
M22 Manchester, Lancashire, North West England M22 Manchester, Lancashire, North West England (2.2 miles)
M23 Manchester, Lancashire, North West England M23 Manchester, Lancashire, North West England (2.3 miles)
Junction 3 M56 Motorway Junction 3 M56 Motorway (2.3 miles)
Hale train station Hale (2.3 miles)
Styal train station Styal (2.5 miles)
Junction 3a M56 Motorway Junction 3a M56 Motorway (2.7 miles)
Altrincham train station Altrincham (2.7 miles)
Mobberley train station Mobberley (2.8 miles)
Junction 2 M56 Motorway Junction 2 M56 Motorway (3.0 miles)
Heald Green train station Heald Green (3.1 miles)
Navigation Road train station Navigation Road (3.1 miles)
Junction 7 M56 Motorway Junction 7 M56 Motorway (3.4 miles)
Gatley train station Gatley (3.4 miles)
Junction 4 M60 Motorway Junction 4 M60 Motorway (3.5 miles)
WA14 Warrington, Cheshire, North West England WA14 Warrington, Cheshire, North West England (3.5 miles)
Junction 1 M56 Motorway Junction 1 M56 Motorway (3.6 miles)
Handforth train station Handforth (3.6 miles)
SK9 Stockport, Cheshire, North West England SK9 Stockport, Cheshire, North West England (3.6 miles)
SK8 Stockport, Cheshire, North West England SK8 Stockport, Cheshire, North West England (3.7 miles)
Wilmslow train station Wilmslow (3.8 miles)
Junction 5 M60 Motorway Junction 5 M60 Motorway (3.8 miles)
Junction 3 M60 Motorway Junction 3 M60 Motorway (3.9 miles)
M33 Manchester, Lancashire, North West England M33 Manchester, Lancashire, North West England (4.2 miles)
Junction 6 M60 Motorway Junction 6 M60 Motorway (4.3 miles)
Chorley town centre Chorley (4.4 miles)
East Didsbury train station East Didsbury (4.5 miles)